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Dive into the heart of Alunan Coral Project! Covering less than 1% of the ocean, coral reefs are home to over 25% of marine species. Our Alunan House Reef is vital for marine life, local communities, and education.

Threatened by global warming, pollution, and destructive practices, it needs your help. Join the Alunan Coral Project to rehabilitate and protect our precious reef. Conservation is a collective effort, with every little effort being impactful and meaningful – join us on this journey!

Alunan Coral Project is recognised by the Malaysia Department of Fisheries. As a strategic partner, summary reports are regularly submitted to the department.

Major Milestones



Bubbling beneath Alunan Coral Project

At the heart of the Alunan Coral Project beats a passionate team of resident marine biologists committed to coral conservation.

From coral propagation and data collection to underwater maintenance, this team is the driving force behind the project’s success.

9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Our Sustainability Efforts

Discover the Third Pillar of The Alunan Touch, Sustainability. We are changing the definition of purposeful travel by our commitment to preserve the natural environment and supporting sustainability efforts.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

Our initiatives include using metal straws, metal water bottles with free water refills, and providing reusable Alunan Coral Project bags for guests to take home.

Protect Our Coral Reefs

Harmful chemicals from sunscreen, toiletries and laundry detergent can damage coral. Here’s how we can protect our corals:

  • Go for Reef-Safe sunscreen and put on a rashguard.
  • We provide Reef-Safe soap and shampoo in every room.
  • We use Biodegradable laundry detergent.
  • We practice eco-snorkeling to minimise impact on coral reefs.

Conserve Energy & Water

We are repurposing the heat generated by your room’s air conditioning to warm your hot shower, all while saving energy. Join us in conserving water by opting to reuse your towels and bed linens.

Sustainable Construction

Despite challenges with steep, undulating terrain and a remote location – preserving the natural topography remains our priority. All buildings were thoughtfully constructed, working in harmony with the ground they occupy, emphasizing conservation and the untouched beauty of the natural terrain.

The longest steel beams to the finest grains of sand were transported by sea barge
Pre-fabricated methods were employed to facilitate ease of transport and installation by hand.
Most trees were preserved to provide natural shade and prevent soil erosion.
All construction materials were transported by hand
... or using a series of winch systems.
No heavy machinery was used. Foundations were hand excavated to ensure that land contours were preserved.
Where possible, foundations were built upon existing boulders, giving buildings a solid footing and reducing soil erosion.
Buildings were erected around exisitng trees. Construction became more challenging but totally worth it!
Room furniture was handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.
Wood scraps were upcycled to be decorative and functional. Here, they were given a second life as the ceiling of Bayu Restaurant.
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